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Thursday, December 8, 2011

[videoCCTV] Kereta Merempuh Kedalam Restoran Yang Penuh Dengan Orang !!

- Video dan juga berita (maaf ulasan dalam bahasa Inggeris) tersebut dibawah :

" Diners had a lucky escape when a driver ploughed her car into a packed San Diego restaurant after mistaking the brake for the accelerator.

A CCTV camera caught last Friday’s dramatic incident on film in which one customer is seen getting hit by the silver vehicle in the Miramar area.

At the beginning of the footage, the car approaches a car parking space but fails to stop and mounts the kerb just as the man leaves the Surati Farsan Mart.

The crash sends chairs and tables in the eatery flying with one diner caught up in the damage and stuck under furniture. Another woman clutches her knee in pain after the nasty accident while others try to help the injured.

The driver emerges from the car and looks around the restaurant absolutely stunned.
Speaking about the incident, restaurant owner Raj Patel said: “"When I first pulled it out, I was shocked, it was crazy-looking. Luckily, I am surprised nobody was hurt with all of the force of the impact.”

Fortunately, only three people walked away from the ill-fated moment with minor injuries. 

Damage to the restaurant is estimated at about $25,000 (£16,000) "


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