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Monday, July 25, 2011

Virus-Virus Yg Sedang Aktif Di FB Skrg ini....Berhati2 lah ye Kawan2...!!!!

(jangan lupa untuk like page mambang diFaceBook : Page Mambang)

If you get :

1) a video about a SPIDER living in under a person's skin
2) KFC promotion
3) Harry Potter Mistake
4) a message asking "Hi. how are you? wanna laugh?" then that person will send you a link.
It's a VIRUS. It looks like it's been sent from a friend of yours and that they commented on it. DO NOT OPEN THE LINK. Please re-post and let your friends know about this

** thanks to BTO admin allow me to spread this :)

(jangan lupa untuk like page mambang diFaceBook : Page Mambang)


ezzu said...

byk nye virus kat fb nie...yg ezzu tau yg are u??tu jer..yg lain x pernah lgi..thanz for this info...

AzlanYussof said...

sebelum ni pernah kene..tensen ngan org kat buat virus tu..