Lain-lain Cerita Yang Menarik

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

12 PETANDA bagi wanita bahawa kamu mula menyintai si-dia(jejaka)

1. You stayed together both in good times and in the most difficult ones;

2. Sweet things are made only because both of you feel good because of them;

3. None of you makes sacrifices, but only compromises;

4. Your partner shared you his feelings and you feel the same about;

5. The affection for your partner makes you feel good and special.

6. Each time you have a quarrel, you forget about it in only a few hours and you both agree that nothing is more important than expressing true feelings, even if this causes a conflict;

7. You can be yourself along with your partner, more than among other people.

8. You always think at him;

9. All sorts of romantic ideas pass throw your mind;

10. The weird parts of your boyfriend's behavior seem funny to you;

11. You like to spend time with him;

12. You start thinking to a future together with your boyfriend;

1 comment:

Muhamad Siddiq said...

lol..bukan crush lebih 2bulan ke?